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Legacy Roundtable 17 Panel

Legacy Roundtable 17 – 10th May 2023

In this roundtable, we were joined by Becky Lackey and Laila Awda from GOSH Charity, and Francesca Mills from Asthma + Lung UK, to discuss their insights and strategies for …

Legacy Roundtable Speakers

Legacy Roundtable 16 – 7th March 2023

In this episode, our speakers shared their experiences of developing legacy strategies, discussed the challenges they encountered along the way, as well as the opportunities that emerged during the process.

Legacy Roundtable 15 – 1st November 2022

Our focus for this episode was on ‘Doing Things Differently’. We explored examples of ‘outside-the-box thinking’ in the legacy space, and celebrated some brilliant examples of standout approaches to legacy …

Legacy Roundtable 14 Speakers

Legacy Roundtable 14 – 2nd August 2022

In this episode, our focus was on the Baby Boomer audience. Our speakers shared their expertise and insights into how to reach this audience and tap into their deep-rooted motivations …

Legacy Roundtable 13 – 10th May 2022

In this episode, almost exactly two years since our very first Legacy Roundtable event in 2020, we took the opportunity to reflect on the myriad of changes, challenges and progress …

Legacy Roundtable 12 – 1st March 2022

Vicki O’Hare (RSPB), Harvey Kirk (RSPB) Clare Sweeney (Keepace Consults) and Hannah Saunders (The Kite Factory) along with our hosts Stephen Follows (Catsnake) and Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK) discuss …

Legacy Roundtable 9 – 23rd June 2021

Ali O’Neill (RNLI), Tom Newton (soon to be at Shelter), Rob Cope (Remember a Charity) and Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK) explore tips and strategies for unlocking and normalising legacy …

Legacy Roundtable 8 – 21st April 2021

Jenny Kronbergs (UNICEF UK), Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK), Richard Hill (Legacy Foresight) and Alexis Fairclough (Bequeathed) discuss strategies for turning warm supporters of your charity into Legacy supporters.