Legacy Roundtable 5 – 29th July 2020

Secure your place and register for our next Legacy Roundtable on 29th July 2020, 10:30am – 12pm, where we’l be joined by Meg Abdy (Legacy Foresight), Alison Rubenstein (Jewish Care) and David Cole (Fastmap) to discuss how the current situation affects our legacy plans.

Legacy Roundtable 4 – 11th June 2020

Meg Abdy, Jon Franklin, Kate Jenkinson (Legacy Foresight), and Jenny Kronbergs (Unicef) discuss topics such as the demographic, economic and administrative impacts COVID-19 will make on the legacy market, insights around the in-memory market and exploring virtual events.

Legacy Roundtable 3 – 14th May 2020

Matthew Lagden (ILM), Stephen Maund (Capacity Marketing for Charities), Jonathan Davies (MuchLoved) and George Hyman (ARUK) discuss topics such as: the housing market’s affect on legacy, free wills, tribute funds and top tips for legacy teams.

Legacy Roundtable 2 – 17th April 2020

Hannah Saunders (The Kite Factory), Allan Freeman & Lucinda Darby (Remember a Charity in your Will), David Roberts (Bequeathed) and Matt Smith (London’s Air Ambulance Charity) discuss topics such as campaigning, supporting communities, and will writing.

Legacy Roundtable 1 – 3rd April 2020

Karen Denton (RSPB), Barry Hunt (Scope), Andy Perry (St Catherine’s Hospice), Matthew Semple (MediaLab) and Jess Lister (Humankind Research) discuss topics such as: advertising, conducting research, forecasting and legacy activity during the COVID-19 outbreak.