Legacy Roundtable 22 – 23rd July 2024

Legacy Roundtable 22 Panel

Events to Inspire Legacy Giving

Legacy events are critical to stewardship and a powerful way to build and strengthen relationships with your supporters, while showcasing the brilliant work you do. Although they can be costly, well-planned legacy events can become one of the most rewarding activities in your legacy programme. They deliver long-term value, foster lifelong donor relationships, and inspire significant legacy gifts from supporters who may not have previously considered it.

The roundtable will be hosted by Stephen Follows (Catsnake: The Story Agency) and Helen Smith (RNIB), and joining the panel to delve into legacy events, will be Emily Ding and Kali Milburn from Canal & River Trust, and Sophie Cannon from the North West Air Ambulance Charity.

 Together they will discuss:

  • Identifying the right supporters to invite.
  • Optimal timing for legacy events.
  • Crafting memorable, inspiring content, and balancing this with the legacy ask.
  • Tailoring the experience, from invitations to follow-up.
  • Measuring event success, and justifying their place in your legacy programme.

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