Legacy Roundtable 13 – 10th May 2022

Reflecting back….looking ahead.

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Event Summary

In this episode, almost exactly two years since our very first Legacy Roundtable event in 2020, we took the opportunity to reflect on the myriad of changes, challenges and progress  over the last two years and what these mean for the future of legacy fundraising.  We discussed online will writing, legacy administration and legacy events with particular focus on the transformation we’ve seen as well as looking at what lies ahead. 

Our three fantastic speakers were:

Dylan Burke from Guardian Angel who shared his expertise in online will writing, and the growth, transformation and progress in this area, as well as looked ahead what the future might hold for charities in this space.

Victoria Jones, a legacy administration consultant, who shared her thoughts around why she firmly believes getting legacy administration right is as important as legacy marketing! Victoria also gave us some great tips around using Trello and the Lean 9 step process for process improvement.

Jen Corbett, Legacy Manager at National Deaf Children’s Society, talked us through all she’s learnt about running Legacy events at NDCS and her plans for events moving forward, based on all the things they’ve tried and tested.

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