Legacy Roundtable 14 – 2nd August 2022

Legacy Roundtable 14 Speakers

Know Your Audience

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In this episode, our focus was on the Baby Boomer audience. Our speakers shared their expertise and insights into how to reach this audience and tap into their deep-rooted motivations for leaving a legacy gift. We also discussed how best to understand the needs, preferences and behaviours of the Baby Boomer generation, in order to strengthen legacy marketing and stewardship.

Our two fantastic speakers were:

Christian Taylor from The Kite Factory who covered the following four key areas from a media agency perspective:

  • Distinguishing between Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation and uncovering their media consumption behaviours.
  • Brand vs Activation – what balance should charities strike between driving consideration of legacy giving generally vs driving activation (engagement/downloads etc).
  • Flighting – i.e. when are charities spending (generally March and September) and what is the benefit to this approach or alternatives such as ‘always on’.
  • Profiling high value individuals – and thinking about specific tactics to reach this audience.

Dr Claire Routley from Legacy Voice who joined us to:

  • share some updates to research conducted in 2018. She shared some highlights from the report “Everything we know about Legacy Giving in 2022” and what’s changed as a result of, or since the pandemic. 
  • shine a light on the link between legacy giving and psychological well-being.
  • talk about her work on symbolic immortality.

Useful Links and Resources

Both speakers shared some useful reports and white papers which you can access here: