Legacy Roundtable 17 – 10th May 2023

Legacy Roundtable 17 Panel

Building Bridges to Baby Boomers

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In this roundtable, we discussed:

  • The importance of reaching and effectively engaging with Baby Boomers through tailored messaging and communication strategies.
  • Identifying the most effective channels for reaching this influential group.
  • How charities are adapting to the evolving landscape of events and digital channels to connect with Baby Boomers.

We were delighted to be joined by:

  • Becky Lackey and Laila Awda from GOSH Charity, who shared their insights into how they inspire, and engage with Baby Boomers, and how they’ve tested new ways of telling patient and family stories. They also discussed how they reach this important audience, including the use of TV and radio as key channels, and the return to in-person events.
  • Francesca Mills from Asthma + Lung UK, who spoke about the charity’s legacy plans post-merger, and shared how they are aiming to reach, inspire and engage potential pledgers with the new brand.