Legacy Roundtable 9 – 23rd June 2021

Destination: Legacy

As the country begins to unlock and (fingers crossed) a steady return to normal gets underway, we’ll explore how to unlock and normalise legacy conversations across your organisation and with your supporters. We’ll look at how to tailor the legacy conversation for different internal and external stakeholders, and what approach to take when speaking to a mixed audience. We’ll look at legacy administration and the many opportunities for legacy conversations presented in this part of the legacy cycle. We’ll also explore the effect of the pandemic on attitudes to legacies more broadly, and the different approaches to legacy conversations and marketing that charities have taken as a result.

Co-hosts and speakers:

  • Ali O’Neill – Legacy Engagement Manager, RNLI
  • Tom Newton – (soon to be) Legacy Administration Manager, Shelter
  • Rob Cope – Director of Charity Development, Remember a Charity
  • Stephen Follows – Founder, Catsnake
  • Helen Smith – Senior Legacy Manager, Cancer Research UK

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