Legacy Roundtable 14 – 12th July 2022

Know Your Audience There is no “one size fits all” for Baby Boomers…….their motivations for leaving a gift in their Will may be a very personal connection to the cause, …

Legacy Roundtable 13 – 10th May 2022

Join our speakers Jen Corbett from NDCS, Dylan Burke from Guardian Angel and Victoria Jones, Legacy Administration Consultant, as we discuss the myriad of changes, challenges and progress in Legacy Fundraising over the last two years.

Legacy Roundtable 12 – 1st March 2022

Vicki O’Hare (RSPB), Harvey Kirk (RSPB) Clare Sweeney (Keepace Consults) and Hannah Saunders (The Kite Factory) along with our hosts Stephen Follows (Catsnake) and Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK) discuss all things Legacy TV adverts