Legacy Roundtable 7 – 17th February 2021

Helen Smith and Jon Collins (Cancer Research UK), Katie May and Melanie Day (The Brain Tumour Charity), Ben Eden-Davies (St Mungo’s) and Ben Garner (Charity People) discuss creating realistic KPIs and look at strategies they have employed to demonstrate success and progression.

Legacy Roundtable 8 – 21st April 2021

Join Jenny Kronbergs (UNICEF UK), Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK), Richard Hill (Legacy Foresight) and Alexis Fairclough (Bequeathed) as they discuss strategies for turning warm supporters of your charity into Legacy supporters.

Legacy Roundtable 6 – 30th September 2020

Helen Smith (Cancer Research), Claire Routley (Legacy Fundraising consultant), Beth Thompson (Macmillan Cancer Support), Michelle Adelman and Jess Hood (Battersea Dogs & Cats Home) discuss the all-important topic of Stewardship.

Legacy Roundtable 4 – 11th June 2020

Meg Abdy, Jon Franklin, Kate Jenkinson (Legacy Foresight), and Jenny Kronbergs (Unicef) discuss topics such as the demographic, economic and administrative impacts COVID-19 will make on the legacy market, insights around the in-memory market and exploring virtual events.

Legacy Roundtable 3 – 14th May 2020

Matthew Lagden (ILM), Stephen Maund (Capacity Marketing for Charities), Jonathan Davies (MuchLoved) and George Hyman (ARUK) discuss topics such as: the housing market’s affect on legacy, free wills, tribute funds and top tips for legacy teams.

Legacy Roundtable 2 – 17th April 2020

Hannah Saunders (The Kite Factory), Allan Freeman & Lucinda Darby (Remember a Charity in your Will), David Roberts (Bequeathed) and Matt Smith (London’s Air Ambulance Charity) discuss topics such as campaigning, supporting communities, and will writing.

Legacy Roundtable 1 – 3rd April 2020

Karen Denton (RSPB), Barry Hunt (Scope), Andy Perry (St Catherine’s Hospice), Matthew Semple (MediaLab) and Jess Lister (Humankind Research) discuss topics such as: advertising, conducting research, forecasting and legacy activity during the COVID-19 outbreak.