Legacy Roundtable 22 Panel

Legacy Roundtable 22 – 23rd July 2024

Join us on Tuesday 23rd July for our next Legacy Roundtable, where we will be delving into legacy events with our panel of expert fundraisers. Events require a substantial amount of time, planning and investment, but when executed well they can be one of the most powerful ways to build and strengthen relationships with your supporters, showcase your work and inspire legacy giving.

Legacy Roundtable 21 – 4th June 2024

Hosted by Stephen Follows (Catsnake: The Story Agency) and Helen Smith (RNIB) the focus of this roundtable was on building and launching successful legacy programmes. 

Joining them on the panel were:

Jenny Girdlestone, Legacy and In Memory Officer at HorseWorld – Jenny shared her experience of building a legacy programme from the ground up.

Legacy Roundtable co-hosts and guest speakers

Legacy Roundtable 20 – 19th March 2024

Co-hosted by Emily Grint (Legacy Voice) and Shenley Connolly (Catsnake: The Story Agency), in the first roundtable of 2024 the focus was on in-memory giving and the power it can have for both donors and charities.