Legacy Roundtable 19 – 10th October 2023

Legacy Roundtable 19 Panel

Digging into Gifts in Wills Guides

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In the final roundtable of 2023, along with hosts Stephen Follows (Catsnake: The Story Agency) and Clare Sweeney (Keepace Consults), our guest speakers discussed all things Gifts in Wills guides!

We were delighted to be joined by:

  • Louisa Emburey, Legacy and In Memory Manager at Prostate Cancer UK Louisa spoke about the experience of refreshing their Gifts in Wills guide this year, the challenges of finding case studies and selecting the right photography, and also spoke on the importance of having both physical and digital legacy guides available and accessible to your audience. 
  • Kathryn Moore, Philanthropy Manager at Frimley Health Charity Frimley Health are currently in the process of redeveloping their Gifts in Wills guide, so Kathryn gave us insight into the process and highlighted the importance of understanding your target audience. She also shared how they reach potential legators in their hospitals with physical leaflets and posters, and she spoke about the importance of getting internal buy-in and engaging with hospital staff, so they feel comfortable having legacy giving conversations. 
  • Emma Hazlewood, Head of Legacy Development at the National Trust Emma took us through the National Trust’s Gifts in Wills guide, and spoke about how they updated it and how they try to maximise it’s longevity through the inclusion of inserts. She also spoke about which parts of the guide their supporters find most useful, the importance of data capture and monitoring downloads, and how they find inspirational testimonials and case studies to feature in their Gifts in Wills guide.

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