Legacy Roundtable 15 – 1st November 2022

Doing things differently

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Our focus for this episode was on ‘Doing Things Differently’. We explored examples of ‘outside-the-box thinking’ in the legacy space, and celebrated some brilliant examples of standout approaches to legacy marketing.

Sharing their experience and expertise were:

Clare Sweeney, Fundraising Consultant from Keepace Consults, who joined us to:

  • Tell us more about what she means by a ‘Legacy First’ approach.
  • Discuss why she believes that turning the donor journey on its head is a smart approach.
  • Share her thoughts on how charities can begin to implement this ‘Legacy First’ approach (and how to get the necessary internal buy in).

Lauren Jones, Key Relationship Marketing Officer from Greenpeace, who joined us to:

  • Discuss the quick and playful response they made after legacy gifts to Greenpeace were mentioned in a popular TV show!
  • Share her thoughts on why they were able to respond so quickly, and what broad lessons other charities could take from this.
  • Explore why Greenpeace often need to think creatively and differently about channels and approaches when marketing legacies.
  • To share some great examples of where they have done just that.

Useful Links and Resources

Clare shared some fascinating statistics from this research paper (see p.2423):

Lauren and Stephen mentioned the following article about Greenpeace and the ‘Succession’ campaign:

‘So, you want to sue Greenpeace…’ by Miranda Barrie

Watch the legacy cinema advert Lauren spoke about: Greenpeace Polar Bears Legacy Cinema Advert