Legacy Roundtable 11- 30th November 2021

Is everyone on board? How to get everyone on the legacy train. In this episode, our hosts Stephen and Helen speak with our expert guests about building a partnership ethos between legacy teams and those dealing with High-Value givers or Philanthropists.

Legacy Roundtable 10 – 15th September 2021

In this episode, our co-hosts Stephen Follows and Claire Routley speak to our expert guests on the topic of Legacy Marketing. They explore the value of a Legacy Proposition, the nuances between Legacy and In-Memory marketing (and how to navigate this dual role) and also how to use effective measurement to demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts and how far the dial has shifted towards achieving set goals.

Legacy Roundtable 9 – 23rd June 2021

Ali O’Neill (RNLI), Tom Newton (soon to be at Shelter), Rob Cope (Remember a Charity) and Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK) explore tips and strategies for unlocking and normalising legacy conversations across your organisation, with your supporters and with wider external stakeholders.

Legacy Roundtable 8 – 21st April 2021

Jenny Kronbergs (UNICEF UK), Helen Smith (Cancer Research UK), Richard Hill (Legacy Foresight) and Alexis Fairclough (Bequeathed) discuss strategies for turning warm supporters of your charity into Legacy supporters.

Legacy Roundtable 7 – 17th February 2021

Helen Smith and Jon Collins (Cancer Research UK), Katie May and Melanie Day (The Brain Tumour Charity), Ben Eden-Davies (St Mungo’s) and Ben Garner (Charity People) discuss creating realistic KPIs and look at strategies they have employed to demonstrate success and progression.