Legacy Roundtable 16 – 7th March 2023

Legacy Roundtable Speakers

Making Time for Legacy Strategy

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In this episode, our speakers shared their experiences of developing legacy strategies, discussed the challenges they encountered along the way, as well as the opportunities that emerged during the process. 

Joining us to share their experiences were:

Beth Follini, Fundraising Manager at Quakers in Britain, who joined us to:

  • discuss some of the challenges (including recruitment) which Quakers in Britain have encountered in getting started with a legacy strategy,
  • outline some of the common challenges faced by other faith groups for legacy giving, and
  • discuss some of the key elements they are considering in a bid to reach a younger audience.

Jordan Miller-Hughes, Legacy and In Memory Manager at NHS Charities Together, who joined us to:

  • outline some of the challenges and opportunities NHS Charities Together are experiencing as an organisation, following the phenomenal growth and change in focus in recent years,
  • discuss how and what he is prioritising as he works towards setting a strategy for legacy, and
  • share his experience (and tips) for smaller charities with limited resources looking to build a legacy strategy.

Useful Links and Resources

Donor Motivations Questionnaire (Beth Follini)